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The Manufacturing Industrial Council works closely with these groups. In some cases the organization shares staff with the MIC.


The Manufacturing Industrial Council is the publisher of Seattle Industry Magazine and Seattle Industry Online. The voice you hear throughout our publications is, the publisher, our Executive Director, Dave Gering. Go to the Seattle Industry Online website:



The sister organization of the MIC is the Duwamish Transportation Management Association. The TMA is a non-profit group dedicated to improving transportation services in, to and through the Duwamish business community extending from the professional sports stadiums in the north to King County International Airport in the south. Go to the Duwamish TMA website:



The Seattle Freight Mobility Advisory Committee (FMAC) is an industry-based advisory board that provides input on freight issues to the City of Seattle, the Port of Seattle, and the Washington State Department of Transportation. The committee meets once a month and occasionally sponsors forums on special topics. The committee is sponsored by the City of Seattle, the Manufacturing Industrial Council and the Duwamish TMA. Go to the FMAC website:

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