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Neighborhood Stewards

In 1999, the City Council finished the approval process for 38 neighborhood plans created by nearly 20,000 citizens. The plans identify actions needed to ensure that each neighborhood will continue to thrive and improve as Seattle grows over the next 20 years in ways that meet our commitments under the State's Growth Management Act. Each Plan has a community steward who oversees potential changes to the Plan and monitors achievement of the Plan's goals and priorities.

The Manufacturing Industrial Council is the community steward for the Greater Duwamish Manufacturing and Industrial Center Plan (GDMIC), adopted by the City of Seattle in June 2000.

Neighborhood Plan: Greater Duwamish Manufacturing and Industrial Center (to view the Plan in its entirety, visit City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website at: »

Matrix of Goals & Priorities: Along with each plan recommendation, the matrix tells you what actions have been undertaken to implement the recommendation, who is taking the lead on each action, when it's expected to be completed, and its status ("completed," "in progress," "not started," or, if the project was discontinued without being completed, "closed").


Greater Duwamish MIC map: Map of Duwamish Manufacturing Industrial Center » Click to
View Map (PDF)


Within the boundaries of the Greater Duwamish MIC are three other significant planning areas:

  • Stadium Transition Area:
  • Stadium Transition » Click to
    View Map (PDF)

  • Georgetown Planning Area:
  • Georgetown Planning Area » Click to
    View Map (PDF)

  • South Park Planning Area:
  • South Park Planning Area » Click to
    View Map (PDF)


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