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The greatest threat to Washington's industrial base may not be China or overzealous government regulators, but the growing difficulty finding qualified and motivated workers. The MIC started engaging local and state educators about this issue a few years back trough the Green Industrial Business and Career Expo.


Green Industrial Business and Career Expo

A partnership between education, business and labor to develop and implement a statewide green industrial technology curriculum. The Expo is an annual event that uses real-life "green" industrial technology to highlight the need for more programs in applied math, science and technology that will help students connect with industrial career paths. Please click here to learn more.


Seattle Public Schools

The Superintendent of the Seattle schools agreed to work with the MIC and other external partners during 2010 to conduct a strategic review and work plan to help reinvigorate the district's Career and Technical Education classes and programs.



Puget Sound Skill Center

The MIC is joining the local and state Building and Construction Trades Councils to help support the development of a new multi-craft construction program at the Puget Sound Skill Center, a technical high school in Burien that serves 800 to 900 students every year. The skill center is one of about a dozen pilot sites in the nation that are implementing the new construction curriculum that was developed through the US Building and Construction Trades Council.




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