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Helpful links in association with the Manufacturing Industrial Council and the manufacturing and industrial centers of Seattle.


» Association of Washington Business
The Association of Washington Business' purpose is to create an economic climate in which private sector employers, the people they employ, and citizens can be successful.

» Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (located in South Park) provides environmental education and assistance to communities and businesses in the Puget Sound region.

» Georgetown Merchant's Association
The GMA was formed in 2006. With all the issues Georgetown is facing, it was time to rally the troops and mobilize by forming an official Merchants Association, especially since so many of the issues could affect our historic business district.
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» Georgetown Community Council
Mission: We, the businesses, residents, and property owners of Georgetown will work together and respect each other's concerns in order to maintain the unique balance that defines our area. We will create opportunities for businesses to grow while also promoting investments in new, clean industries. We will look for opportunities to develop services and facilities that will enhance the quality of life for our residents.

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» Kent Chamber of Commerce
The Kent Chamber of Commerce leads the annual Washington Manufacturer Appreciation celebration in the Puget Sound area.

» North Seattle Industrial Association
3401 Evanston Ave N, Ste A,
Settle, WA 98103-8677
Phone (206) 632-0124
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» Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center
The PSIEC is a result of collaboration between business, industry and education. The South Seattle Community College Duwamish Apprentice and Education Center currently houses training for 22 apprenticeship programs. A major goal of the PSIEC is to add services to assist local businesses with a particular focus on manufacturing, construction and transportation industries.

» Seattle Chamber of Commerce Alaska Committee
The Seattle Chamber of Commerce Alaska Committee's purpose is to foster positive economic relationships, to provide information on issues of mutual concern and to develop business relationships opportunities between Alaska and the Seattle business community.


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» Seattle Marine Business Coalition
2547 Perkins Lane W,
Seattle, WA 98199,
Phone 206-285-1707,
Fax 206-285-1707,
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» South Park Business Association
PO Box 80892,
Seattle, WA
Phone 206-763-8777,
Fax 206-762-6729,
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» South Park Neighborhood Association
South Park Neighborhood Association represents the residential community of South Park

» SODO Business Association
The SODO Business Association combines the energies of our community to plan, encourage and empower the progressive improvement, both economically and socially of a commercial-industrial core within the City of Seattle.

» Impact Washington
Impact Washington is a not-for-profit organization that helps Washington manufacturers become more globally competitive. Our manufacturing experts and industry resource network help you create the change that can make the difference between surviving and thriving.


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Public Partners

» Port of Seattle
The Port of Seattle works with a broad range of public and private agencies to coordinate economic development strategies and ensure continued growth and vitality in the region.

» Seattle Office of Economic Development
Seattle Office of Economic Development works to connect business, community and people.

» Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Seattle Department of Planning and Development's mission is to manage growth and development within Seattle in a way that enhances quality of life.

» Freight Mobility Advisory Committee - Seattle Department of Transportation -
Seattle Department of Transportation - Freight Mobility Advisory Committee was established to advise elected officials, SDOT and other agencies on measures to improve freight mobility and safety in Seattle.

» WA State Department of Community, Trade & Economic Development (CTED)
WA State Department of Community, Trade & Economic Development (CTED) invests in Washington's communities, businesses and families to build a healthy and prosperous future.

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6770 East Marginal Way S
Ste B-113
PO Box 81063
Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206-762-2470
Fax: 206-762-2492
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