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The Seattle Industry Foundation exists to support transportation and education activities that help support the continued viability of industrial business operations in greater Seattle. The long term health of the industrial community is threatened by the failure of government to provide adequate transportation infrastructure and inadequate public transit services. Industrial businesses also face a growing challenge in finding qualified workers because of the failure of the public school system to adequately inform students about the high-wage career opportunities that exist in industrial employment sectors. The goal of the Seattle Industry Foundation is to raise funds to support activities that help to address these transportation and education issues.


The Foundation supports activities of the Duwamish TMA ( Transportation Management Association) (an organization of the Manufacturing Industrial Council) and other community-based ventures to seek improved transportation services for industrial business areas in greater Seattle. These activities include efforts to improve truck-related transportation planning management; freight carrier input into highway project planning; efforts to expand the number of businesses participating in rideshare, vanpool and other Commute Trip Reduction activities; improved “way finding” involving signage and Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies; expanded shuttle services, both public and private, and improved public transit services.


The Foundation supports educational activities that include career exploration in industrial employment sectors; curriculum improvement for classes and programs attempting to train people for industrial careers; English language training for immigrants who may desire to pursue industrial careers, and other activities or programs that support teachers, students, schools, and public or private training or education programs interested in improving education or training services for people who may be interested in pursuing industrial careers.


If you have any questions please call Dave Gering, Executive Director, at (206)762-2470.


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